yeah a boyfriend sounds nice but a supreme enemy you can make out with sometimes in secret sounds a lot more hardcore

Siva being a diva.

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also psa

  • its perfectly normal and expected for people to act differently around other people
  • you play a different role in everyones life and you act accordingly to that role
  • its not being two faced 
  • it’s “would you act the way you act around your friends at a job interview?”
  • no you would not
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im gonna lose more weight and get tattooed and be super hot soon just you wait

reblog if your name isn’t esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez






2,121,566 people are not esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez and counting!

We’ll find you esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez.

This post is scandalous.

reblogging because esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez cant. 

If you scroll past this I am going to assume your name is esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez.

I couldn’t not reblog…


happy birthday someone

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WhereIsJayTW: “In honor of the monthiversary, today has a #BonusPic. #tbt #OneMonthAgo #WindBlown”

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This is not the end. This might be a new beginning. But for now, thank you for every single memory and every single memory. Every little laugh and every little tears. We are proud of you. Until we meet again, The WANTED.

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You’re shaking my life up.

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1/10 reminders by Jay McGuiness

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